Sorry it has been a while since the last update. There has been a lot going on and I have been very tired.

I restarted the push treatments June 19th. They have been very rough but I have made it through. I even had a double reaction on Monday, which was very intense. I have had a lot of severe joint pain with the last three or four, which hopefully means that the last bits of infection have been “pushed” or forced out of my tissues and joints. The treatments have been very effective but have left me physically and emotionally exhausted.

I have also had several severe allergic reactions to two of the other treatments (a breathing treatment and an injection), which left me in a lot of pain and trouble breathing. I also had a vein in my arm blow out today which has left a huge bulge that looks like a small balloon and is extremely painful.

Good news is that all of the blood work came back looking great and they are confident that I am ready to head home soon! I had my last push treatment yesterday. I am especially glad to be finished with those. Thank you Lord for carrying me through and thank you all for praying. It looks like this will be my last week at the clinic. I have several IVs and injections tomorrow and then one final treatment on Friday where they take out part of my blood, treat it, clean it and then put it back.

Javed and I will likely be able to travel next week back to Colorado. I will continue at-home treatments in Denver and London for probably six months total depending on how I am feeling. This includes LOTS of injections as well as supplements. I will partially continue being treated to kill off infection in case anything else is still there, and the other part will be to help my body recover and heal from all the damage Lyme has caused over the last decade.

Another huge praise is that Javed’s blood work showed that he does not have any Lyme or any other infection!

Prayer requests
  • Please pray with me that if there is any Lyme spirochete hiding anywhere in my body that it will found and destroyed by my last treatment on Friday. 
  • That the Lord will fully heal my body from all the damage that has been caused and restore me to full health and energy. 
  • Please also pray for my arm to heal quickly and that there would be no permanent damage.
The benefit concert is TODAY.  Our friends at Every Nation Church London and Firefalldown are hosting a great show and they are streaming it live online at from 7:30pm UK time (2:30pm US East Coast time).  Check it out.
Thanks for all your prayers.  The staff at the clinic say Brittany is responding really well to the treatment.  Over the next few weeks they hope that she will be feeling better as well.

The last 10 days of treatment have been really tough and painful.  Brittany has had 3 or 4 extra strong responses to "the push" and has been quite exhausted as a result.  These immune responses and the other treatments are killing off lots of unwanted things in her body but it's happening so fast that it's especially hard to get all the dead stuff and toxins out of her body before they get reabsorbed.  Please pray for her body to be able to handle the detox and especially for her liver to rise to the task.
The doctor expects when this detox is happening efficiently she will start to feel better too.
Speaking of the doctor, at our last appointment he "prescribed" a bit of soul medicine.  He said to Brittany, "See how you do with a trip up to Lake Tahoe this weekend."

We didn't need a second invitation and we had a wonderful afternoon up at the lake enjoying the scenery, exploring a waterfall and even managing to scramble down and back up a small boulder field.  It was certainly tiring but was such a great way to forget about the treatment and the clinic for a day, enjoy God's great creation and look ahead to being able to do much more exploring and outdoor activity.
Thank you for going on this healing journey with us.  Your prayers and messages of support and encouragement are effective and powerful every step of the way.  God bless you.
Treatment has been going well. VERY painful, but my body seems to be responding well! Along with all of my daily IVs and injections (eleven in total on Tues), I have started a treatment they nicknamed "the push". It is a very powerful and intense medication that they inject. It forces all the Lyme bacteria and other infections out of their hiding places, kickstarts the immune system, and helps kill infection. It causes a temporary worsening of all of your symptoms as the infection is forced out, severe nausea and migraines, and extreme fevers. The hardest and most painful part is severe shaking almost like a seizure and cramping of all my muscles including the diaphragm which makes it very difficult to breathe and makes me gasp for air. I was recently put on oxygen which helps a lot during the reactions.

We had a blood test yesterday where they looked at my blood under a microscope. The first test two weeks ago showed my blood plasma and red blood cells filled with bacteria. They could not find any Lyme bacteria in my blood yesterday!!! There is still a lot of work to get it out of my all my other tissues, but this is a huge milestone praise!!! My body seems to be responding very well to the treatments and the progress makes it easier to go through all of the pain.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers! I know they are crucial and I know that it is the Lord who is carrying me through. Please pray extra hard Mondays-Thursdays when I have "the push" treatment. Looking forward to the weekend away from the clinic and maybe sitting by Lake Tahoe if I feel up to it.

Thanks for all your prayers.  This has been a crazy week but the Lord has brought us through it with joy and faith.

Brittany has had at least one IV treatment each day and a few injections as well but she seems to have more energy at the end of these busy days than she had after a day of doing nothing before the treatment started.  There's a long way to go but it's wonderful to have signs like this.

We have been blessed beyond belief by a great church community in Reno.  Our host, Jane and her Connect Group have taken us in as their own and we had a great time at one of their Sunday services this morning. 

Next week the really intense, and most likely painful, treatments start for Brittany and we hope to have her blood test results back.  Please pray for Brittany to be able to handle the pain and that whatever the current situation that the most optimal plan is made for her treatment in the next few weeks.
Sitting in the clinic and have internet access here now so should be able to do regular updates during the treatments.  

The staff here at the clinic are very friendly and did a great job explaining what they are going to be doing.  Not sure how well we could regurgitate it but it made sense.  They also confirmed that much of the treatment we had been doing will have been helpful but may not have been aggressive enough and was missing some things regarding clearing out the body's elimination systems so the toxicity could be expelled.

Brittany had one IV treatment yesterday and is having another one now.  She's had over a dozen blood vials drawn for various lab tests before a late breakfast and she's got a 6-hour metal toxicity test today too.  It's going to be a busy day.
Brittany and I (Javed) are finally in Reno and we've been blessed beyond belief.  We have a wonderful place to stay for the time we are here (about 3 months) and have already been adopted into an amazing church community here.  One of the guys has fixed our car (which started playing up with 120 miles left on our 1050 mile drive from Denver) and we have so many people praying for us here too.  

There's about an hour to go before Brittany's first doctor's appointment here.  The treatment is about to start and we are full of hope for Brittany's healing.  Please pray for us and for the doctors for wisdom to know exactly how the treatment should be tailored for Brittany for the best outcome possible.


    Brittany and Javed are both committed Christians, usually residing in London where Javed is a campus minister. Brittany is currently fighting Lyme Disease but is looking forward to getting back into athletics and teaching when she is healthy again.


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